Dead Deer

Water has always played a special part in my life.  I lived in embryonic fluid during my earlier days. The only hobby that I’ve consistently enjoyed throughout the years is standing in, on, or near a body of water while trying to catch a fish.  No wait, two hobbies involving water.  Standing in, on, or near a body of water while trying to catch a glimpse of a bikini.  I use water to make my coffee every morning. Continue reading Dead Deer

Woodstock, Va. BiCentinual Celebration

During the fall of 1952, the small town of Woodstock, Virginia gathered to celebrate its 200th year of existence.  Among the activities planned was a pageant performed by members of the local community.  My father (in an Oscar-winning performance, no doubt) was Lord Fairfax, who granted the land to the town’s founder Jacob Miller.  Woodstock’s original name was Muellerstadt (Miller Town). Continue reading Woodstock, Va. BiCentinual Celebration

Miami Revisited- Communication and Cocaine

“Why did you move here of all places, after living in Miami?” That was the first question asked by the recently acquired staff of employees in Fredericksburg.  It had been a two-day move in a Ryder rental truck, the axle restricted to 55 MPH, a stylish Mercury Bobcat in tow.  The transfer to Virginia had been requested. Continue reading Miami Revisited- Communication and Cocaine

A Little History Lesson

If you were professionally moved to or from Woodstock, Virginia at any point during your lifetime, chances are very good that you know the name R.J. Lambert (my Grandfather).  In February 2008, Aunt Dot compiled the following 20-page document which shares a brief history of the family business, along with memories from family members, some old photos, even business receipts from the 1920’s and 30’s.  Enjoy!

History of Lambert Transfer Co. and R.J. Lambert Moving and Storage





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