Why We Play Games

The backyard on Susan Avenue was completely dark by 8 PM, only the shadows of trees standing still and young boys running wild could be sensed by the naked eye.  Across the road and a million miles away,  was the glow of the high school football field, a full-blown production occupying the rest of the entire Earth.   Continue reading Why We Play Games

“Rocky Top”

In the folk’s basement, in 1978, my friends and myself were recorded on a cassette tape while making some music and sharing good times.  Kindda makes you want to tap your toes and sing along:)

Rocky Top recorded Live, in the basement



My new book’s available on Amazon.com. “This Book’s Not Perfect, But Neither Are We”

A Dog Goes Fishing (The Cabin on the River-Part Two)

Gladryl, the Dachshund, loved to go fishing as much as I did.  If she was within ear-shot of the front porch, the moment that I picked up a fishing pole on my way to the river, her head would perk-up, and off she’d head towards the water’s edge.  Continue reading A Dog Goes Fishing (The Cabin on the River-Part Two)

A ‘Pointless’ Self-Analysis

A few days ago, my new book received a terrible review on Amazon.UK by some lady who had “at least uploaded the free version”. A slap in the face to which I professionally, apologetically replied. Hey, not everyone likes everyone. I get it. Like now, I don’t like her anymore:) But then my overly-sensitive side began to get offended. Continue reading A ‘Pointless’ Self-Analysis

Most are 99.9% almost true… in a way.

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