A Strong Belief

The New Book

The OCD has finally worked to my advantage.  After 6 months of learning new things every single day, I’ve officially listed a book for sale on Amazon.The final title, “This Book’s Not Perfect – But Neither are We”, popped into my head sometime around the 2nd month, as I was pounding my skull on my desk out of frustration.  My new ‘life’s motto’ popped out of a fortune cookie, just 2 weeks ago, as I was swallowing the last bite of some fake sushi slathered in wasabi.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

So as not to be deceptive to those who have read my stories since February 17th 2016, this book is a compilation of those tales, edited and formatted into a somewhat logical order.  If we’ve just recently made our connection, forget that last sentence.  Instead, remember this… “There are various topics recalled in the stories that are told.  The Importance of Family and Friends.  The Beauty of Giving.  Coping with Death.  Being Human.” 

I’ve accomplished 2/3’s of the impossible.  Here’s where groveling comes into play.  The E-book version will be “live” (as we say in the industry:) on Tuesday, February 7th.  At some point, early that morning, I’m going to change the price to a 7-day promotional cost of FREE.  As in, F.R.E.E.  (I have to wait until it’s ‘live’ to run the promotion).

Here’s what I need to accomplish the last 1/3 of the impossible.  Download the E-book. Read.  Write a review (very important)!  I’ve already ‘coached’ my Mom.  Be honest in the reviews.  It’s OK to say “I’ve just read the free copy and…”  Straight forward and honest will help me more than a glowing, generic-sounding review.  Now the fun part…

If you’re a regular Amazon/Kindle user, you already know what to do.

If you don’t have an Amazon account, get one.  It’s free and easy.  Amazon.com

Don’t own a Kindle (reader) or similar device?  To Download any free book…

Free Kindle Reader-Available on iOS, Android, Mac & PC

Here’s the link to my E-book (not yet discounted)  E-book Version

The print version has been live for 2 days,  I just haven’t mentioned it to anyone.

This Book’s Not Perfect, But Neither Are We  is $12.99, plus shipping and taxes.  ($18.95 total, I bought the one copy sold so far:)  I just now read that there’s Free Shipping on orders with at least $25 in books (ooh, good sales pitch!).

Thank you, thank you, for reading my stories.  It’s already helped me more than you’ll ever know.


(please share with family, friends, your milkman…anyone that may be interested.  I’ll be making obnoxiously constant reminders throughout the coming week.)

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