Shenandoah River

Swinging Bridge

Here’s a few pictures and a video from yesterday’s wonderful day along the Shenandoah River here in Virginia.  A blue sky dotted with white clouds above the scenic river, the tree’s leaves beginning to change their colors, a vineyard full of grapes lining the far side of the river’s bank.  The Shenandoah Valley basked in God’s glory.

Wenger's Bridge

Here’s the short video with a bird’s-eye view from the bridge…

VIDEO–A Walk across the Swinging Bridge

In my youth, you could run across and jump up and down, making the bridge bounce and shake, and your girlfriend scream:)  I gave it a shot yesterday, but my swinging bridge running days are over.  Or maybe I’ve just matured.

The one picture below is of a low-water bridge, what we locals always called a submarine bridge.  The parking near the various river access points were always a popular late-night make-out spot for the area’s teenagers.  “Submarine Races” was an old euphemism for making out in a car.  “Yes, Mr. Officer, we were just watching the submarine races”.

Shenandoah River

Submarine Bridge
Submarine Bridge

Some of you city folks might be wondering “What in the heck is the purpose of these bridges?” (some 70 such bridges exist in Virginia)  When the rivers flood, the swinging bridges give access to property owners living along the far bank of the river.  During my Senior year of high school, we missed more days of class due to high waters than we did due to snow.

Old abandoned Bus

A walk along a country road
Robin and Scott

We walked along the gravel road leading to the far side entrance to the bridge.  To our left is Muse Vineyards.  Here’s their Website The Official Muse Vineyard Website The old rusted school bus is hidden in the woods near the town side entrance to the bridge.  Don’t know why it’s there or how it got there, but it’s been there since the ‘submarine races’ of my youth:)

Little sister Mary, the professional poser:)  Queen of the Selfie!


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