I went to my Mom’s house yesterday to fix a broken window blind.  Earlier in the day, I saw the most wonderful, heartfelt sentiment on one of those social media sites.  After fixing my Mom’s blind, I shared it with her, knowing that she’d enjoy it. My friend Kate had posted her yearly message.  “It’s my birthday month, so once again I ask you, in lieu of presents, to consider doing a RAOKIHOKBM, or, for the uninitiated, a Random Act of Kindness in Honor of Kate’s Birthday Month”

Mom thought that was the greatest.

“You’ve fixed my window blind and now you’re off to take Aunt B for shopping at Wal-Mart.  I think you’ve done your good deeds for today”

I had mentioned to Aunt B what Mom had said and about Kate’s message before we pulled into the parking lot.

As Aunt B and I were walking hand in hand to the front door of the store, an elderly lady asked my help lifting some larger boxes from her shopping cart into her van.

As we walked out of earshot of the van, I told my Aunt B  “Well, that was bonus nice thing done for the day.  I’m off tomorrow.  Not doing a nice thing for anyone!”

I fell asleep last night thinking of the friends that I had made at the hospital who had helped me back to normalcy (my version) last year.  This morning I made breakfast for my Dad, an omelet with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and cheese..along with sausage links and fresh chunks of pineapple.

After breakfast, I made the most sickeningly, wonderful, triple chocolate brownies and delivered them to the Rehabilitation Services front desk at 10-til-noon , so that the staff could have something sweet after their lunch break.

That buddy of mine, Kate.  I think she’s onto something good here.

It’s like a happy disease.  You get it, you try to stop it, but you just can’t help but be nice.

Random Acts of Kindness.

3 thoughts on “RAOKIHOKBM”

  1. Talk about a feel good story, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I’ve always thought that the best things in life are free and you’re certainly proving this point. Keep up the RAOKs.


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