Not Everyone Loves the Holidays

Up off of the sofa, across the floor, and out the door she went.  It was the day before Thanksgiving, and being strong like she was, she had allowed herself to celebrate.  Newly divorced, the kids all grown and gone, she went by herself to shop for the first Thanksgiving meal to be had by only herself.

The grocery store was crowded with other lonely souls such as herself, shopping shoulder to shoulder alongside the normal folks frantically looking for that forgotten something to complete their family’s feast.

She searched the dwindling shelves of the frozen food aisle, looking for a box of something traditional to be her first Thanksgiving meal alone.

An employee noticed her futile search and came to her aide.

Over the store’s intercom system, the employee announced “Hey, can somebody in the stockroom check to see if we still have any of those frozen, single-serve, Swanson Turkey Dinners?”

And she and her uncertainties shrank to the ground.

Not everyone loves the holidays.  Be aware.  And be kind to one another.

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