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The Central Brothers

First shared with anyone who would listen on September 1, 2016, this is an audio recording from 1978,  which is the  No. 1 all-time ‘hit’ according to the statistic pages of

Originally recorded on a handheld cassette recorder by my Dad is the ‘Big Stage’ Premier of “The Central Brothers”–Steve, Rusty, Mark, Robin and Tom, at the Central High School Junior Follies.  (Disclosure; all screaming groupies were actually friends of the band)

Performing the Statler Brothers hit “Counting Flowers on the Wall”

Our 15 Minutes of fame

2 thoughts on “The Central Brothers”

  1. I had the privilege of being in the audience for both live performances. As I grew up with country music, I knew the song well. You guys did a phenomenal job with it and I enjoyed it so very much. Thank you so much for sharing it with us—and gifting me with a wonderful memory from my youth.

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