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Miami Revisited- Communication and Cocaine

“Why did you move here of all places, after living in Miami?” That was the first question asked by the recently acquired staff of employees in Fredericksburg.  It had been a two-day move in a Ryder rental truck, the axle restricted to 55 MPH, a stylish Mercury Bobcat in tow.  The transfer to Virginia had been requested. Continue reading Miami Revisited- Communication and Cocaine


Like most people, Zach had made many a mistake during his lifetime, be it still a young one after only nineteen years. But now his mistakes had somehow managed to speed from zero to sixty and back to a screeching halt, all during one life-changing evening. Nowhere to go but up, as the old saying goes. But this time it was up over the junkyard’s security fence and passed an angry German Shepard. Continue reading Stripped