History of the Singing Christmas Tree

A bit of history behind The Singing Christmas Tree, open to the public this weekend. This is an article written by Lisa Currie, printed in the Shenandoah Valley Herald on December 15, 1999!  The Dorothy Lambert mentioned is my Aunt Dot, who’s beating cancer at the moment, yet still singing this year, bringing the inspiration heard from The Tree’s branches to a whole new level. Continue reading History of the Singing Christmas Tree

Singing Christmas Tree~~~ St. Paul’s United Church of Christ~~~ Woodstock, Virginia

From 1976 to 2000, this tree service of worship, under the direction of Julia Danley Lambert, brought inspiration to all who gathered here… both those who sang and those who listened. The Tree program was revived in 2013 due to popular demand. The Tree is now under the direction of Julia’s daughter, Mary Danley Catlett.Wonderful Music

This is a marvelous Family Tradition for many, and for many a good reason.  A beautiful old church, dimly lit and adorned with fresh evergreens.  A variety of Christmas music sung by members of the Woodstock community.  Hand bells.  A violinist. The program is short and sweet, just like the junior choir.

Here are 2 quick clips from live performances of the past.

“Good News”

“See to Us a Child is Born”

To some that read this, one particular question may come to mind.  And the answer is “Yes, I will be.”  

For more information, contact St. Paul’s official website St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

Maple Hill Inn

Today, my family and I joined in on The Woodstock Holiday Homes Tour, a once-a-year event that showcases a collection of  beautiful homes in our little community of Woodstock, Virginia.  One of the eight homes open to the touring public just happened to be my childhood home, once proudly owned by my Grandparents, my Mom’s Folks. Continue reading Maple Hill Inn

An Empty Circle

The really cool thing about traveling the country for a big corporate chain of restaurants is living in different cities and meeting thousands of different people, then skipping town after five or six months, all the while experiencing something new on each and everyday.  There was one ‘typical’ deployment that was spent down in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Continue reading An Empty Circle

Most are 99.9% almost true… in a way.

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