Will she thinks of me as she’s tucked into bed
A chuckle and smile as the pillow meets her head
Bedtime stories that I used to read
Bears and Birds and Squirrels in trees
Things upon which a three year old dreams
Will she think of me as the moon joins the stars
How it’s chuck full of cheese
Little green men up on Mars
How little we are, great big is the world
But only as big as little imaginations sure are
Will she think of me as she opens her eyes
A moment of stretches, of yawns and sighs
Chasing feet through pant legs
Coats and mittens on cold days
Twice the time getting ready, I like it that way
Will she think of me when a friend speaks of Dad
Does she see me as a father, as just her Dad
A man who held her and hugged her
And wiped away her sad tears
I’ll think of her for the rest of my years



I have issues.  It’s a long list, as anyone that knows me well enough will tell you.  And on that long list are entries numbered 3, 7, 12 and 21.  Significant both as issues on the list and literally the written numbers themselves.  A self-diagnosis of these particular issues points towards a hybrid virus of Numerology and Arithmomania.  Oh, wait, Wheel of Fortune is on.  Continue reading Numbers

Aunt B’s Movies

A 34 minute video of family life in Woodstock, Virginia (Circa 1963>). Some interesting clips, even if you don’t know the characters. A drive down Main St.–the old Woodstock Pool for an Easter egg hunt, Shentel Company picnic at Cave Springs, etc. If we’ve never bathed together before, you can skip to 9:42 to see what you missed:)


Most are 99.9% almost true… in a way.

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