Aunt B’s Movies

A 34 minute video of family life in Woodstock, Virginia (Circa 1963>). Some interesting clips, even if you don’t know the characters. A drive down Main St.–the old Woodstock Pool for an Easter egg hunt, Shentel Company picnic at Cave Springs, etc. If we’ve never bathed together before, you can skip to 9:42 to see what you missed:)


Mitch and Robin in Daytona Beach

One evening I was dreaming about Mitch and I at the age of 19 in Daytona Beach, a trip that we took to reset our minds before the stress of months of college classes. If my brain could type, I’d have three-hundred pages already. Continue reading Mitch and Robin in Daytona Beach

(And now for something totally different) A Children’s Story

Little Abigail had spent a good part of her young life playing with her older sister Lynn.  Summers were particularly good times, with warm days spent out of doors, massive blue skies towering above her head and those refreshing, gentle afternoon breezes.  Chasing butterflies with a net.  Chasing the family cat with a lot of giggles, but not with any luck.   And quiet evenings spent lying on the soft front lawn, watching the lighting-bugs and the stars in the sky, patiently waiting to see which one would out twinkle the other. Continue reading (And now for something totally different) A Children’s Story

Bulgaria (Part Two)

Bulgaria is a beautiful country.  Pristine rivers run through the Balkan and Rhodope mountain ranges, flowing across the Thracian plains, finally reaching the Black Sea.  Its bordering neighbors include Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Turkey.  The country is about the size of Tennessee, with a population of nearly 7.5 million people.  The cities have a very vibrant, modern feel about them.  Venture out into the countryside and you’re very likely to find an older couple, sitting alongside of the road, proudly hawking yogurt, wine, potatoes and onions, all produced on their family’s farm.  Continue reading Bulgaria (Part Two)

Most are 99.9% almost true… in a way.

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