The Death of a Mentor


Mr Renggli’s obituary was in the Herald yesterday. After hearing the news, my sister and I were going down memory lane and I started into my long list of the Hamilton Restaurant stories…kindda made me smile. This was my first real job in life. And quite the learning experience that it was. The dreaded “Walk of Doom”… was taking a gentleman’s steak back to the kitchen because it ‘ain’t well-done enough’. I’d shiver from the fear of repercussions as I put the NY Strip, slathered in ketchup, back under the heat lamp and calmly explain “Uh, he’d like this cooked a little more.” Continue reading The Death of a Mentor

Bulgaria (Part-One)

(Part One of a multi-post story about an adventure in Bulgaria. Possibly entertaining. Informative by accident. Occasionally humorous.)
The good thing about the average age of someone having a mid-life crisis being redefined during the course of your lifetime is that you get to have multiple lapses in ‘mature judgement’. Just before my birthday a few years ago, I did what any middle-aged man would do. I purchased round trip tickets for ‘one adult’ on Austrian Airlines, packed a suitcase, and flew across the globe to the small, Eastern European country of Bulgaria.
I didn’t just spin the globe and stop it with my finger. Continue reading Bulgaria (Part-One)

The Talent Show

Just like a lot of other people, I ingest news on a daily basis, from every possible media source. Internet, television, newspaper and radio. The ‘paper’ selling headlines are filled with death, destruction, and unthinkable crimes. The race for political office, millions of illegal aliens, mass murder, ACLU this, ACLU that. Continue reading The Talent Show

Rachel and the Little Boy

(My wonderful Goddaughter and I went to Costa Rica a couple of years ago)
So Rachel and I went to the beach today for the first time. A short walk down from the hotel. The sand at this stretch of beach is dark brown/black from volcanic rock. Lots of waves..lots of surfers. Not for swimming. After we double coated Rachel with 9000 SPF, she did what women do. Lay and bake, read a book. Turn over. Repeat.

Continue reading Rachel and the Little Boy

Most are 99.9% almost true… in a way.

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