A Dog Goes Fishing (The Cabin on the River-Part Two)

Gladryl, the Dachshund, loved to go fishing as much as I did.  If she was within ear-shot of the front porch, the moment that I picked up a fishing pole on my way to the river, her head would perk-up, and off she’d head towards the water’s edge.  Continue reading A Dog Goes Fishing (The Cabin on the River-Part Two)

The Cabin on the River (Part-One)

The old saying that “money can’t buy you happiness” has been beaten to death; but the horse is still alive, for now.

One of the happiest times in my life was naturally one of poorest financially.  Of course it was, or that first sentence would have been really silly.  As a twenty-year-old, I lived in a cabin with a wonderful young woman, had two dogs, a canoe, and the river in my front yard.  My net personal worth was around $173, depending on the day of the week.  It went up on payday, down on the weekends.  Continue reading The Cabin on the River (Part-One)

No Problem

After a day and a half of worrying about an occasional puddle of engine coolant forming underneath my car, I decided to throw caution to the wind and drive 15 miles to a social gathering of somber importance.  As I was traveling along the dark, two-lane highway, my mind was put at ease by the thought of my cell phone in my jacket pocket.  An earlier model of me could have ‘worked’ on an earlier model of Buick, but now-a-days, a look under the hood looks nothing like an engine.  Topping off the wiper fluid might require a peek into the owner’s manual for assistance.

With the temperature gauge holding steady in the safe zone, and a thousand emergency tactics formulating in my mind, a comforting thought snuck in-between the anxieties.  It’ll be OK.  I will survive. Continue reading No Problem

Most are 99.9% almost true… in a way.

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