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Lonnie Rigitoni

Lonnie was 24 or 25 years old and must have been of Italian decent, guessing by both his looks and mannerisms.  He could have easily been the side-kick to Scarface, a Mafia-Guido-want-to-be, but one with a terrific sense of humor.  Standing near six-feet tall, his dark locks of hair were always perfectly in place, the creases freshly ironed on his waiter’s uniform, and when his shift began, an air of quality cologne surrounded him. Continue reading Lonnie Rigitoni

History of the Singing Christmas Tree

A bit of history behind The Singing Christmas Tree, open to the public this weekend. This is an article written by Lisa Currie, printed in the Shenandoah Valley Herald on December 15, 1999!  The Dorothy Lambert mentioned is my Aunt Dot, who’s beating cancer at the moment, yet still singing this year, bringing the inspiration heard from The Tree’s branches to a whole new level. Continue reading History of the Singing Christmas Tree

Doing Laundry for Some Reason

No matter what your belief during those moments where a certain force seems to come into play and affect the outcome of a situation, you’ve got to admit that there’s been a time or two where you’ve stopped and thought to yourself “That was unbelievable”.  Be it coincidence, destiny, or Divine intervention from a Heavenly Spirit, there just has to be something that factors into the end result at unexplained moments. Continue reading Doing Laundry for Some Reason

An Empty Circle

The really cool thing about traveling the country for a big corporate chain of restaurants is living in different cities and meeting thousands of different people, then skipping town after five or six months, all the while experiencing something new on each and everyday.  There was one ‘typical’ deployment that was spent down in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Continue reading An Empty Circle

Hey Mel !

Some twenty months ago, I went to the Shenandoah Memorial Hospital to make an appointment for my first of many Physical Therapy sessions. After completing the usual paperwork, an appointment date was set. The woman who was helping with the formalities wrapped things up by saying “You’ll be working with Melanie, you’re gonna like her”.

Continue reading Hey Mel !


She was probably twenty-years old.  Five foot, 9 inches tall with dirty brown, shoulder-length hair.  Her wheelchair was nothing special, pretty much run-of-the-mill as far as handicapped accessories go.  It was 95 degrees outside this afternoon and she was wearing long pants.  For a twenty year old, she wasn’t making much of a fashion statement, but she was sporting some pretty cool-looking Nike’s. Continue reading Devotion