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House Painter for Hire

Back before the days of OSHA, on a 32-foot extension ladder far, far away, a young man took his first steps up the ladder for a short career as a house painter.

I was in-between jobs, to the point of being desperate for gas money.  Not Mad Max desperate, but pretty close.  A friend told me of a friend who had his own little painting business and that he was looking for some temporary help during the summertime. Continue reading House Painter for Hire

Maple Hill Inn

Today, my family and I joined in on The Woodstock Holiday Homes Tour, a once-a-year event that showcases a collection of  beautiful homes in our little community of Woodstock, Virginia.  One of the eight homes open to the touring public just happened to be my childhood home, once proudly owned by my Grandparents, my Mom’s Folks. Continue reading Maple Hill Inn