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Old Handwritten Recipes

You should never trust an old recipe that doesn’t have a few stains or some food smeared on it.  If it’s not dirty or well-worn, then it probably wasn’t used very often to begin with and isn’t worth the effort to make. Continue reading Old Handwritten Recipes

Aunt B’s Pictures

I was working in Aunt B’s basement yesterday, and she followed me down the stairs and began rummaging through some boxes, looking at old pictures.  The more that I looked, the more that I was amazed. Continue reading Aunt B’s Pictures

Woodstock, Va. Bicentennial Celebration

During the fall of 1952, the small town of Woodstock, Virginia gathered to celebrate its 200th year of existence.  Among the activities planned was a pageant performed by members of the local community.  My father (in an Oscar-winning performance, no doubt) was Lord Fairfax, who granted the land to the town’s founder Jacob Miller.  Woodstock’s original name was Muellerstadt (Miller Town). Continue reading Woodstock, Va. Bicentennial Celebration