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Recipes, Trolls, & Comments

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I can cook well. As in professionally. Most people can’t understand the concept, but after a 6-day workweek in a restaurant, I’d often spend a majority of my day-off cooking just for myself, or family, or to impress a future ex-spouse. Continue reading Recipes, Trolls, & Comments

Lonnie Rigitoni

Lonnie was 24 or 25 years old and must have been of Italian decent, guessing by both his looks and mannerisms.  He could have easily been the side-kick to Scarface, a Mafia-Guido-want-to-be, but one with a terrific sense of humor.  Standing near six-feet tall, his dark locks of hair were always perfectly in place, the creases freshly ironed on his waiter’s uniform, and when his shift began, an air of quality cologne surrounded him. Continue reading Lonnie Rigitoni

An Empty Circle

The really cool thing about traveling the country for a big corporate chain of restaurants is living in different cities and meeting thousands of different people, then skipping town after five or six months, all the while experiencing something new on each and everyday.  There was one ‘typical’ deployment that was spent down in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Continue reading An Empty Circle