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Swinging Bridge

Here’s a few pictures and a video from yesterday’s wonderful day along the Shenandoah River here in Virginia.  A blue sky dotted with white clouds above the scenic river, the tree’s leaves beginning to change their colors, a vineyard full of grapes lining the far side of the river’s bank.  The Shenandoah Valley basked in God’s glory. Continue reading Swinging Bridge

Woodstock, Va. Bicentennial Celebration

During the fall of 1952, the small town of Woodstock, Virginia gathered to celebrate its 200th year of existence.  Among the activities planned was a pageant performed by members of the local community.  My father (in an Oscar-winning performance, no doubt) was Lord Fairfax, who granted the land to the town’s founder Jacob Miller.  Woodstock’s original name was Muellerstadt (Miller Town). Continue reading Woodstock, Va. Bicentennial Celebration

The Talent Show

Just like a lot of other people, I ingest news on a daily basis, from every possible media source. Internet, television, newspaper and radio. The ‘paper’ selling headlines are filled with death, destruction, and unthinkable crimes. The race for political office, millions of illegal aliens, mass murder, ACLU this, ACLU that. Continue reading The Talent Show