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My Adventure in Beautiful Bulgaria

Twenty-two days in Bulgaria.  My favorite vacation of all time.  The capital city, Sofia, was my home base during my stay, with multiple excursions spent out in the countrysides.  Beautiful People, Country, and Memories.  Thank you Lucy, Vasco, and Sasha.  I will be back someday!

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One of the best vacations that I have ever survived was a wonderful week on the island of Jamaica. And it came at just the perfect time. In time to untangle the web of stress in which I was trapped. I’ve actually visited Jamaica twice. Pre- and post-marriage. I was nearing the big 3.0. and making good money, but the Norman Rockwell portrait of my life had yet to be painted. At least not the painting of my ‘perfect life’. So I built a house with a white picket fence, bought two pedigree dogs and got me a wife. Continue reading Jamaica

Bulgaria (Part-One)

(Part One of a multi-post story about an adventure in Bulgaria. Possibly entertaining. Informative by accident. Occasionally humorous.)
The good thing about the average age of someone having a mid-life crisis being redefined during the course of your lifetime is that you get to have multiple lapses in ‘mature judgement’. Just before my birthday a few years ago, I did what any middle-aged man would do. I purchased round trip tickets for ‘one adult’ on Austrian Airlines, packed a suitcase, and flew across the globe to the small, Eastern European country of Bulgaria.
I didn’t just spin the globe and stop it with my finger. Continue reading Bulgaria (Part-One)